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Terrier Valve
DAB Terrier Slide Valves

The TP range small light/medium duty slide valves.

These valves are intended for general purpose use on light/medium duty applications having inlet sizes up to 400. Their design and construction can change significantly depending upon the application, but as fabricated units they can be readily customised to suit most requirements. Typical duties are bin, hopper and silo isolation, screw feeder and conveyor shut-off, in-flight catchments and weighing applications where a variable trickle feed option may be required.

  • Construction mild steel, stainless steel contact parts, all stainless or composite specials.

  • Inlets square, round or rectangular.

  • Outlets square or rectangular with optional transition piece to round flange or stub.

  • Operation push/pull, handwheel or electro-pneumatic as standard.

  • Deflectors vertical by preference as this leaves no obstruction, hang-up or wear areas exposed to the product flow. Where a common inlet and outlet size are essential inclined deflectors may be used.

  • Slide plate thickness to suit duty. A knife edged many be appropriate for some duties.

  • Plate seal glanded type with appropriate packing or double retained felt type.

  • Plate support PETP, Nylon, mild steel or stainless steel eccentric studs.

  • Finish Blue/Silver Hammer, natural, bead blast, polished or custom.

The TP/PP or HW Versions manually operated
These valves are the push/pull or handwheel type suitable for occasional use or for isolation during maintenance operations. Position indication and slide plate locking can be provided.
The TP/EP Version electro-pneumatically operated

These come complete with a single solenoid spring return air control valve and two reed switches. All necessary air fittings and exhaust silencers are also included.

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