DAB Valves - The DAB Portfolio

The DAB Portfolio

DAB Valves Limited specialise in valves for the solids handling fraternity. In summary our ranges include:
  • DAB Terrier Slide Valves
    A range of light/medium duty valves for powders, pellets, granules and other solids, typically up to 400 mm opening. These are frequently used for the isolation or maintenance of small hoppers, chutes, vessels, rotary valves and screw feeders.
    They may be fabricated of mild steel, stainless steel (304/316), plastic or composite construction and operated manually (push/pull, handwheel, chainwheel), electro-pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically. They may also be arranged to provide control of material flow and can provide an automated trickle flow option for filling/weighing operations.

  • DAB Dobermann Slide Valves:
    The big brother to the Terrier valve for medium/heavy duty applications and typically 300-1500mm opening. Of more robust construction they are used on larger silos and more demanding applications.

  • DAB Butterfly Valves:
    A range of customised valves including the options of metal to metal seating and elliptical or eccentric discs.

  • DAB Dampers:
    Round, rectangular, single or multi-bladed heavy duty damper units.

  • DAB Gravity Flap Diverter Valves:
    Odd, even and multi-legged units with construction and drive options similar to the slide valves.

  • DAB Airline Conveying Diverter Valves:
    For flow diversion in pneumatic conveying lines.

  • DAB Speciality Valves:
    Including multivanes, double dump valves, corslides and purpose designed valves.

Whilst we have a large range of standard valves in all of the above we can usually customise the designs to accommodate most reasonable requests and occasionally totally unreasonable ones too!

In addition to the valves we can produce ancillary equipment such as hoppers, chutes and other fabrications where appropriate.

We have supplied equipment to a wide variety of clients for industries from food, pharmaceuticals and plastics to sugar, steelworks, mines and quarries.

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